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How to no index pages Shopify
liquid file by customizing the <head> section of your store's theme.liquid layout file. You need to include some code to noindex particular pages. Steps:.
2016年7月21日10 个帖子
Hello gals & guys, Newbie question here: If I want to noindex a non-product page like privacy policy or terms & conditions page how do I ...


2018年12月6日 — 3) On the page or products editor, for pages you want to create or change to be no-indexed, you'll want to change the template in use to the “ ...
2021年6月8日 — If you have that all done, go to GSC and select “Removals” on the left-hand side. Then click the red “New Request” button on the right-hand side ...
Blocking a large number of pages, collections, articles or products — {% if page.handle contains "your-text-" or ... content="noindex,nofollow"> {% else ...
2020年2月28日 — Noindex, nofollow controls ... To control which pages appear in Google's index, Shopify does allow you to apply both noindex and nofollow tags.
2019年10月27日 — Adding a “noindex” tag to the page hides it from search engines, while leaving it public and available for visitors to access.
2021年2月2日 — {% if handle contains 'page-handle-you-want-to-exclude' %}. <meta name=”robots” content=”noindex”>. {% endif %} ...


完成设置快速简单。所需一切应有尽有,可立即开始在线销售。 基于云的完全托管解决方案。借助 Shopify 拓展业务。 搜索引擎优化。完全托管。

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