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M-sec knockout mice
作者:H Ohno2010被引用次数:37 — We have recently established M-Sec knockout mice, which should be a useful model to uncover the physiological role of TNTs. In addition, the identification ...
作者:F Barutta2021被引用次数:1 — These findings indicate that the M-Sec-TNT system plays an important ... podocytes exposed to Adriamycin and in BALB/c M-Sec knockout mice.
Supplemental Figure 2. Generation of M-Sec KO mice. (A) Schematic illustration of the strategy for generating M-Sec-KO mice by deletion of gene exons 1-5.
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作者:F Barutta2021被引用次数:1 — pathogenesis of the podocyte injury seen in M-Sec–KO mice. (Supplemental Figure 6, G and H). TNT-Mediated Mitochondrial Transfer between. Podocytes. To test the ...
作者:M Asano2020 — learned from glycosyltransferase-deficient mice. Masahide AsAno ... M. ASANO. 262 | doi: 10.1538/expanim.20-0013 knockout (Ko) mice using Es cells.
METHODS: We studied the role of the M-Sec-TNT system in cultured podocytes exposed to Adriamycin and in BALB/c M-Sec knockout mice. We also assessed M-Sec ...
作者:TW Mak2001被引用次数:94 — Tak W. Mak,; Josef M. Penninger &; Pamela S. Ohashi ... Conditional knockout mice permit the functional analysis of genes that are lethal if ...
作者:S Gerondakis2006被引用次数:368 — Table 2 Knockout and transgenic mouse strains for NF-κB transcription factors ... Aune TM, Mora AL, Kim S, Boothby M, Lichtman AH . (1999).
Koresawa Y., Miyagawa S., Ikawa M., et al. (2000) Synthesis of a new Cre recombinase gene based on optimal codon usage for mammalian cells. J. Biochem.127, 367 ...
... Takechi, M., Kiyonari, H., Shioi, G., Tamura, A., and #Tsukita, S. 2015. ... Fetal growth retardation and lack of hypotaurine in ezrin knockout mice.

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