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Simulink Force Feedback joystick
This is the first version of a MEX-file that enables you reading XY-positions of a USB force feedback joystick and applying constant forces on it.
1 answer
I'm currently working with a Logitech Wingman Force 3D joystick amd simulink. Is there an updated list of compatible devices that can be used with Simulink?

First, we introduce a task-dependent null-space controller in which the internal motion of the redundant HI is appropriately controlled to achieve a desired ...
Enable force-feedback input — If you select this check box, the Simulink 3D Animation software can support force-feedback joystick, steering wheel, ...
Implementing a PID controller in Simulink... system in unity feedback with a PID controller. ... Label this input "F" for the force generated ...
Control: PD Controller Design Tutorial. - With MATLAB \u0026 Simulink PID. Explained with simple example PID ... where the disturbance force is the input.
by S Montoya Zamarron20114.16 2 DoF Force Feedback joystick: Pro-Engineer model . ... application Simulink and the visualisation program Instant reality were used.
Sio-Iong Ao, Burghard B. Rieger, Mahyar Amouzegar2010Technology & Engineering
application in 3D dimensional space. ... commands Novint Falcon haptic feedback joystick displacement human operator forces Matlab/Simulink environment Fig.
Yang Gao, Saber Fallah, Yaochu Jin2017Computers
feedback to the operator via the controller, and sets the position of the Baxter's end effector from the position of the haptic feedback controller's end ...
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